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All Summer Game Fest 2024 games

By nr39r Jun8,2024

As is customary, Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest is the event that kicks off the season. It provides an in-depth look at everything that will be happening in the following year. There has been no Grand Theft Auto VI, and there has not been a deluge of major announcements, but there have been a few extremely delicious advancements for the future. This is exactly what he promised would happen. The Summer Game Fest has evolved into an E3 alternative, and this is the best of the best of this E3 substitute ever.

LEGO has given one of the exclusive Playstation brands, the Horizon, a treatment that has never been seen before. This treatment offers the Horizon the humor and referential shamelessness that are hallmark of the toy franchise industry. For a LEGO game, you may expect to have multiplayer, as well as all the skin configuration options and building possibilities you could possibly imagine. This Christmas, it will be available on the PlayStation 5, the personal computer, and, surprise!, the Nintendo Switch.

Action from the first-person perspective, set in a post-apocalyptic world teeming with zombies and threatening the terrifying permadeath. In this teaser, it is promised that there will be enormous areas that are extremely replayable, and eight people will be able to go on the journey of exploring and clearing them. On Halloween this year, we will have the opportunity to judge how sharp the teeth of these deceased individuals are.

It was quite evident that Warner was going to continue to squeeze one of its most successful properties, this time with something that it had wisely chosen not to include in its best-selling Harry Potter title: Quidditch contests. It is a title that is clearly of a medium scale, but it is one that will fulfill the desires of championship fans who are interested in this kind of combination of baseball, tennis, and rugby. The arrival date is September 3rd.

The impact of this strategic myth has been the same, despite the fact that it had already been leaked in the past: it will be available for personal computers and consoles in the year 2025, and Sid Meier himself has announced that the first gameplay photos of the game would be unveiled in the month of August. Due to the fact that it has been eight years since the release of “Civilization VI,” there are a lot of high expectations for this next installment of the most influential and best-selling strategy game of all those years.

This highly anticipated video game will be released on August 20, just around the corner. It will be based on the legend of the Monkey King and the Journey to the West, which was the source of inspiration for the video game ‘Dragon Ball’. This game, which was developed by the Chinese firm Game Science, will initially be available for the PlayStation 5 and the personal computer, and then it will be released for Xbox. Since the preview has been just as impressive as everything else that we have seen from this game over the past few months, all that remains is for us to hope that the gameplay will match up to the monumental graphics that it features.

There have been rumors circulating about an open world survival game since the year 2022; however, it wasn’t until the year 2023 that it began to exhibit betas that it began to garner significant attention. Due to the fact that this game also originates from China and is scheduled to be released on July 9th, China has been the event’s unofficial protagonist and shadow protagonist. The human race has been infected by an extraterrestrial being known as Stardust; yet, we, as metahumans, have survived the contamination and are able to harness its power against it.

The popular horror producer Blumhouse, who is responsible for hits such as “Paranormal Activity,” “Insidious,” and “M3gan,” has released six games that range from abstract first-person horror to indie survival with tributes to the legendary nineties, passing through a somewhat more relaxed pixelated simulator. We all anticipated that Blumhouse would make an announcement, but instead, they have released these games. It would appear that Blumhouse is willing to experiment with the genre, which is something that should be welcomed. All of this is done within the confines of rigorously autonomous codes and aesthetics.

We are certain that we will play this game from the very beginning, despite the fact that it is not the most remarkable of the games that have been offered to us. One full of color, pixel explosions, intermediate phases a la ‘Space Harrier’… the fact is that we don’t know what else we could ask for. The Power Rangers, who are the ideal characters to star in an old-fashioned street brawler, deliver us one full of these things.

The streets of a typical Asian city are lit up by neon, but the streets are also filled with monsters. This is an action and adventure game. “Slitterheads” are the specific name given to these monsters, and they are able to conceal themselves by giving the impression that they are human. What is the goal? This seems to be a pretty interesting body transfer mechanism, therefore let’s put ourselves in the position of “Hyoki” and get rid of them. There will be a release of this game on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and personal computers on November 8th.

During the year that appears to be giving attention to the antihero Shadow as a result of his participation in the film “Sonic the Hedgehog 3,” the remaster of this cult title that is part of the 2011 Sonic franchise will be released on October 25. An unpublished episode starring Shadow is the most intriguing aspect of the game’s material, according to Sega, which describes it as “renewed versions of the iconic 2D and 3D phases, which bring visual improvements and additional content.”

The desert universe that Frank Herbert created, which enthralled us with the recent films “Dune” and “Dune: Part 2,” is brought to life in this exciting open-world survival massively multiplayer online project. In addition, we are not discussing any old scenario; rather, we are discussing the planet that is the most deadly in the entire universe. They have provided us with a new trailer and informed us that it will be available on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, as well as the personal computer (through Steam).

‘Night Springs‘ is the expansion of ‘Alan Wake II’ that is available for play today, June 8. Remedy has stated that it would have three new chapters that feature a large number of characters that are highly well-liked by players. These altered versions of themselves will be shown in the imaginary television show that was featured in the original game. This is the primary emphasis of the game. Not only will the expansion contain new adversaries, but it will also include new gameplay mechanics that will broaden the game’s playability.

Jyamma Games, an Italian company, is responsible for developing this game, which will not be available for play on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, or personal computers until September 18th. For the time being, however, we are able to take pleasure in this promising endeavor because a demo and an impressive trailer were just released a few minutes ago. As we are confronted with an action role-playing game that takes place in a fantastical realm, we will be tasked with vanquishing our adversaries inside a setting that is rich in Italian culture.

The second trailer for ‘Monster Hunter Wilds’ was shown to us at this year’s Summer Game Fest. It is a fresh look at a Capcom game named Monster Hunter Wilds, which we are gradually becoming more familiar with. Are you prepared to go on a hunting excursion in the middle of a desert, where you will see sandworms and other adorable creatures? In that case, he mentions that this game will be released on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and personal computers in the year 2025.–6663fe27d69e0#goto7792–666437d99ad9f#goto7798—-saudi-arabia-632293553

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