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After ending her guardianship lawsuit

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An individual with knowledge of the matter has confirmed that Britney Spears’ former attorney, Mathew Rosengart, who had been fighting for the singer’s release from a court-ordered conservatorship for the previous three years, is no longer representing her.

All of the lawsuits pertaining to Spears’ prior conservatorship have been settled before Rosengart issues his ruling. The music star’s autonomy has been reinstated, and she is now free from the constraints of the conservatorship.

Two months ago, Spears and her father reached a settlement, ending their long-running dispute over legal bills that had continued after her conservatorship ended in November 2021 and preventing what could have been a brutal trial. In this case, Rosengart was the lawyer who defended Spears.

Although Britney Spears has said that she will “never return” to performing alone, she has contributed “over 20 songs” to the catalogs of other musicians.
Now that the settlement has been reached and all remaining unresolved issues pertaining to the Spears action have been resolved, Rosengart, a partner at Greenberg Traurig in Los Angeles, will concentrate on his heavy caseload for other clients, according to the company. water feature.

“It has been our honor and privilege to represent, protect, and defend Britney Spears,” Rosengart stated in a CNN interview during the settlement’s announcement. He went on to call Spears a “brilliant and courageous icon and artist of historic and epic proportions.”

After CNN asked Rosengart for his thoughts on the end of his collaboration with Spears, he remained silent.

Spears hired Rosengart in the summer of 2021; he was a former federal prosecutor. She had been under a conservatorship since 2008, and during that time she had been represented by a public defender.

Rosengart became an important figure in Spears’ fight to have her conservatorship lifted. He has praised him multiple times for protecting her and reestablishing her civil liberties. The singer’s father, Jamie Spears, was her legal guardian for the most of her thirteen years on this planet. This meant that he was in charge of her money and had to decide how she would be medically treated.

While appearing before the judge in June 2021, Spears made an impassioned plea for the judge to release her from the conservatorship, which she described as “abusive.”

“All I want is to get my life back.” Judge Spears heard Spears say, “It’s been thirteen years, and I’ve had enough.” She asserted that she was forced to go on tour by her father and management, that she was given lithium that made her feel “drunk,” that she was unable to drink coffee, and that she was barred from getting married or having children despite her wishes.

Spears begged the Court to remove her father from her conservatorship during her second testimony in July 2021, during which she grew visibly upset. It followed that the judge would grant Spears the right to an independent counsel. She chose to retain Rosengart as her legal counsel.

Just over two months after the court removed Spears’ father from his role as conservator, the conservatorship of Spears was dissolved. This happened after Rosengart had been collaborating with Spears for two months.

Countless #FreeBritney supporters looked up to Rosegart, who has defended other famous Hollywood figures like Sean Penn and Steven Spielberg, as a hero, and he played a pivotal role in the case as it progressed. In addition to these Hollywood heavy hitters, Rosengart has represented them in court.

When Spears’ case was making headlines throughout the world, the attorney quickly became a social media sensation, appearing in numerous memes and going viral. His devoted followers even started calling him “RosenGod.”

Asking Britney Spears why she divorced Sam Asghari, the pop star said, “I couldn’t take the pain anymore.”
In contrast to the usual client-attorney dynamic, Spears and Rosengart have an unusually close relationship.
“Now with real representation today… I feel GRATEFUL and BLESSED!!!!” Spears said on her Instagram account in July 2021, not long after Rosengart was hired. In February of 2022, the famous person shared a photo of the couple wearing matching pink suits with the statement, “This man has turned my life around.”.

The reason Spears was victorious in court, according to her memoir “The Woman in Me,” published last year, was because of Rosengart’s legal strategy. “She told me that I deserved credit for what had happened,” Spears quoted in her book.

Spears has collaborated with Elton John on the single “Hold Me Closer” and on the single “Mind Your Business” since her conservatorship ended. Her autobiographies have also been published.Indeed, I am. Furthermore, she went through a marriage and divorce with Sam Asghari, an actor and fitness instructor.

While Spears was in court, her father was the target of multiple accusations of financial exploitation and abuse of his guardian position. The elder Spears has consistently insisted that he did not knowingly commit any crime, and he has also reiterated that the court has approved all aspects of the conservatorship procedure. Although Spears and her father reached a deal in April of last year, her attorney Alex Weingarten told CNN that Spears “would have liked to have had a trial so the truth would come out.”

At one point in her most recent autobiography, Britney Spears writes, “getting her life back.”
“Jamie would like nothing more than to reveal all the details and has nothing to hide, but that is not the situation, unfortunately,” said the attorney representing Spears’ father. He went on to say that Spears’ father “loves his daughter very much and worked tirelessly to protect her.”

Still, Spears wanted her lengthy legal struggle over with.

As she had wished, her independence now included the fact that she is no longer obligated to appear in court or be engaged in this matter, Rosengart informed CNN in April.

“Although the guardianship ended in November 2021, his desire for freedom is now truly complete,” he stated to reporters.

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