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100 weapons and over 10 new bosses: ‘Elden Ring’s new expansion is more ambitious than expected.

By nr39r Jun5,2024

To create a one-of-a-kind experience, the team led by Hidetaka Miyazaki has improved the game’s mechanics, exploration, and arsenal.

Already, the first impressions have received regarding the long-awaited downloadable content for “Elden Ring,” which is called “Shadow of Erdtree,” and which we will be able to experience beginning on June 21 of next year. A portion of the press has had the opportunity to experience three hours of gameplay, during which they entered the Shadow Land. This location is a realm that is opposed to the Golden Tree and is associated with the initial appearance of the goddess Márika. As in the case of “Elden Ring,” the title begins with a map that provides a comprehensive view of the playing field. It is at this point when the surprises start to come.

A mixture of places of hopeful light and threats in the shadow of ‘Elden Ring’ has been replaced by total darkness and decay, which includes tombs, ruins, and a burned tree. The gloom of the panorama that we are currently facing is astounding. And the adversaries are up to par because (all of which are new to what this demo has shown) they appear to be more dangerous and aggressive than they have ever been: enormous birds that are extremely aggressive, enormous human bonfires, insectoid monsters, and an infinite number of warriors, knights, and soldiers who are clad in armor. These enemies appear to be so formidable that it appears impossible to kill them.

Over ten monsters, a significant number of minor bosses, and around one hundred new weapons are some of the new elements that FromSoftware intends to include in this game. Some of these weapons will be in completely new categories, such as Martial Arts, while others will be in completely new categories. Of course, you must have already finished a few of objectives that are required to be accomplished in the main game, which are to beat Radahn and Mohg. Another thing that we discovered was that there are certain changes in terms of inventory and objects that increase the damage and protection of our SinLuz. This was confirmed by VidaExtra in an article that was written about first impressions.

A significant number of these fortunate gamers who are new to the downloadable content, such as our colleagues at 3DJuegos, have mentioned that the link between major dungeons is more clear, and that it is simpler to achieve the key difficulties, without having to wander around for hours each time. The map is also intended to draw the player’s attention to significant regions, which was a feature of the main game that was criticized at the time it was released. They remark on GamesRadar that “it’s ‘Elden Ring’ done again.” Or, to put it another way.

It is currently hard to determine how long this downloadable content will be available for, but according to the aforementioned GamesRadar, the following is what they have to say about it: “It is manifestly larger than the downloadable content of ‘Dark Souls 3’ and ‘Bloodborne’.” In all intents and purposes, it is much the same as if it were a fresh and rather tiny game developed by FromSoftware. ‘Shadow of the Erdtree’ will undoubtedly be far shorter than ‘Elden Ring,’ but it may also be more enjoyable. This is a reference to the enhancements that From Software has made to the game’s mechanics, exploration, and the vast number of new weapons and foes that are available to us.

However, Hidetaka Miyazaki, president of FromSoftware, stated in an interview with PC Gamer that the sense of being in front of a full-fledged “Elden Ring” is supported by the following: “At first there were many possibilities, but one of the things that was determined very early was the size.” It was important to us that this map have a sense of size because we wanted the player experience to be identical to that of the original game at all times. We wanted them to relive the sensation of discovery, wonder, and exploration that they had when they were younger. At the same time, we required a map that would preserve and strengthen that.

With the release of the Elden Ring downloadable content Shadow of the Erdtree, the developer FromSoftware has crammed the new Land of Shadow section with more than ten bosses and “around one hundred” new weapons.

During a recent event that GamesRadar+ was a part of, the publisher Bandai Namco discussed the breadth of Shadow of the Erdtree. This is what the publisher came to the conclusion. To that end, if you are interested in learning more about what we discovered after spending three hours in the Land of Shadow, you can read our hands-on preview of the Elden Ring downloadable content.

According to the words of one representative from Bandai, “around one hundred new weapons, including eight new categories, each with several variations” is an astounding number in and of itself. Previous downloadable content (DLC) releases from FromSoftware, such as Bloodborne’s Old Hunters or Dark Souls‘ Artorias of the Abyss, often introduced little more than a dozen new weapons at most. This is a poor comparison because these games were not even close to being as vast as Elden Ring to begin with, and these add-ons were scaled to match. However, it does help to put the magnitude of Shadow of the Erdtree into perspective.

The count of the bosses requires a little bit more unpacking. It would appear like FromSoftware is not included everything that has a health bar located at the bottom of your screen. To be a little more explicit, that is more than ten big bosses, with small bosses appearing to be in their own category. Bandai has been contacted for clarification and specific specifics regarding this matter, and I will provide an update if I receive a response.

“Just like in Elden Ring, not all bosses need to be defeated, but there will still be plenty of difficult challenges for the brave Tarnished who wish to test themselves,” Bandai stated in an interview.

It is important to note that Shadow of the Erdtree is significantly more expansive than the majority of players had anticipated it to be. I seem to recall hearing optimistic projections for new weapons in the region of thirty to fifty, yet we have somehow ended up with twice as many as the upper end of that range. I got the idea that a lot of the new equipment will be among the best weaponry in the entire game, and there is a lot to discover and try here. All of the new items are available.

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